The Major Urban Centres of California

California has 460 cities which come under the banner of five different metropolitan areas. They are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and the Riverside San-Bernardino Area. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is the second largest in America and in 2016 its estimated population was 13,310,447. It actually covers the largest area in the […]

The Physical Geography of California

In California there are massive varieties of different landscapes. Within its 163,000 square miles these geographical features and landforms, that have been shaped by plate tectonics and the climate to produce the physical environments that are present today. The area is divided into two separate regions, Southern California and Northern California. Between these two major […]

The History and Boundaries of California

California is situated on the Western edge of the United States with it being 770 miles in length and 250 miles in width. This gives the state a total area of 163,696 square miles which makes it the third largest state in the United States after Alaska and Texas. The whole of its western border […]