Surfing in Southern California

California has always been associated with being the home of surfing. From the early 1960s, a culture emerged where groups of people would tour around California in camper vans, trying to find beaches with waves that would be ideal for surfing. The coastline of California is ideal for surfing as it faces the Pacific Ocean. […]

The geomorphological activity in California

California covers a vast area and much of this land has been created as a result of its position in relation to a number of plate boundaries. Over the centuries, these plates have moved in several directions alongside and towards each other, which resulted in the land being uplifted as well as magma being released […]

The Governing and Political Control of California

In a state that has the World’s 5th largest economy it is necessary that the institutions that control the budget and run the everyday services that control this mega-state are of the highest order. The current governor is Jerry Brown whose 14 years in office is the longest time ever served by a governor, and […]

The National Parks of California

There are 28 National Parks in California. The government has protected these areas by giving them such status, but they have also created a way that the general public can go and appreciate some of the most wonderful surroundings on the planet. These National Parks vary in terms of the size they cover and what […]

Wining and Dining in California

Californian wine consists of 90% of all of the wine that is made in America, and only three countries in the world produce more wine than this region. In the 18th century when the Spanish settled in California they planted vineyards in every mission they established. These original black grapes were Mediterranean in origin and […]

The People and Culture of California

The population of California is a third bigger than the second largest state, Texas, in America. The 37 million people are made up of 44% white (non-Hispanic), 33% white (Hispanic), 13% Asian, 7% black, 2% Native American, 1% Hawaiian. This mix of ethnicity has always been a feature of the population of the State and […]

California and Its Music

California has been the home to many music performers that have come to prominence over the years. With the State having such a widespread array of citizens migrating into the region it has produced many different genres of music, and it is impossible to associate California with one type of music. The influence of Mexico […]

The Economy of California

California is the richest state in the United States and only five countries in the world have larger Gross Domestic Products. It is hardly surprising that it has been successful as it was the gold rush that started the mass migration of people into the region to find their fortunes. In all sectors of industry […]

The Sport of California – Part 2

Californian sport can appear to be in a state of change and this is certainly true with American Football. In 2015 there was no American football team playing in Los Angeles. By the start of the 2017 season there are now two, the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. The change in location […]

The Sport of California – Part 1

California is blessed with a climate that is perfect for outdoor activities and sports. Within the State there are twenty professional sport franchisers which is more than any other State in the country. The Olympic Games has been held in California on three occasions. In 1960 The Winter Olympics were held in the Lake Tahoe […]