5 Things to Do in San Francisco

One of California’s most celebrated location is San Francisco. From its waterside location to its progressive community, people have flocked here for one reason or another for decades. But if you happen to be in the bay area and need to fill a day or indeed a weekend, what are the specifics that you can occupy yourself with?

The Golden Gate Bridge

Of course, topping the list is the city’s most famous landmark. This huge bridge that allows thousands to cross it each day by car or on foot is beloved the world over. Easily recognisable by its red-orange colour this piece of functional human structuring is the main feature in so many photos. If you are the type to want to snap some pics don’t give up this opportunity, the bridge looks great at dawn, in broad daylight and after nightfall. Feel free to take a walk across its almost two mile span too if you really want to soak it in.

Jump on A Cable Car

San Francisco is recognisable by its very steep hills that work their way up to the compact urban areas and all the way down to the beachfront. If you like a good hike you may just want to walk it, but if you want to get in on some classic SF transport why not grab a cable car. These staple parts of the culture are like buses and will get you where you need to go, but with just that little bit of extra fun.

Check Out the Animals

Over at Pier 39 you can visit the local Sea Lions who constantly make an appearance here. In fact, down in the waters you may spot several different creatures popping their heads up to say hi. But if that isn’t enough you can always take a trip to the aquarium to see even more sea life or pop by the local zoo to see a different range of fauna.

Wander Round Alcatraz

No doubt you have heard of this famous island prison thanks to its many incarnations in film and TV over the years with the latest being a JJ Abrams show of the same name. Today this once thought to be inescapable correctional facility is available to tour, so whether you are a big fan of the movies or just  curious about the dark side of humanity this famous home for criminals could be worth a look.

Tour Silicon Valley

This one place is home to the ideas that no doubt cooked up one of the products you are using right now. Here some of the world’s biggest companies sit right beside upcoming starter companies ready to take over the globe. If you’ve ever wanted to see where Apple computers are made or the famous building that holds all the employees of Google, then this is your chance. There are a handful of tours you can take to show you each spot but a DIY drive from campus to campus is always a much cheaper option.