California Is A Hot Spot Of Innovation

California Is A Hot Spot Of Innovation

For many people around the planet, California has become a place of longing. Sun, sand and sea attract countless tourists to the state every year. Then there is the fascination that the film industry exudes. But that’s not all. For decades, people created innovations here that changed the course of the world a little later. […]

Best Places to Visit in California


Every year millions of tourists are visiting California. California’s diverse cultural, geographical offerings, and vibrant cities are very popular among the guests. We have already wrote about what to do in San Francisco, but there are new destinations you will like in sunny California.

We Didn’t Start the Fire

If you’ve ever watched a film about gang warfare in South Central LA or investigated the occurrence of earthquakes and the impending geological fracture underneath the state, you may already be convinced that California is a dangerous place to live. Today these threats seem absent as the terror of another disaster continues in the shape […]

California Culture

What Makes the State So Enticing? When people think of the United States Of America, they may be pulled to envision New York, the popular metropolis that embodies everything about fast city living, yet on the other side of the country is the idyllic location of California. Spanning the western coast of the US is […]

Contemporary Art Galleries in California

California is well known for its art, from the many murals and urban pieces around the city to the colourful pop culture icons and characters that adorn everything from T-shirts to food items. With Cal Arts being one of the most highly acclaimed universities for those seeking work in art and animation, and of course […]

5 Things to Do in San Francisco

One of California’s most celebrated location is San Francisco. From its waterside location to its progressive community, people have flocked here for one reason or another for decades. But if you happen to be in the bay area and need to fill a day or indeed a weekend, what are the specifics that you can […]

Gangs in the Area

Though many people may picture the Hollywood hills as atypical California, in reality there is no standard for what life in the state is like. With its drastically different climates and levels of urbanized areas versus open air untouched forest, the state is home to everything from superstar celebrities to bears. Amongst this list are […]

Most Visited Locations in California

California has been a tourist heavy destination for many years, mainly because its obviously seen as a Mecca for fans of entertainment. With superstars from film, art and music living, performing and displaying their work here its no wonder that those with a taste for the lifestyle flock here, as do many admiring fans. And […]

Crime Incidents in California

There is a number of major criminal incidents that have taken place in California over the years. The gathering of great wealth in such a concentrated area means that there are a number of criminal organizations that are looking to take advantage of the easy money that is available. The State has also been home […]

The Latino Influence in California

It has been claimed that there are more Spanish native speakers in Los Angeles than English native speakers. The close proximity of California to the Mexican border has resulted in huge numbers of Mexicans settling in the State and of all of the people residing there 39% are from Hispanic descent. It is natural that […]